Evaluation on Capability of a Power Supply Company to Improve Environmental Management Systems According to Sustain Implementation of ISO 14001

Document Type: Regular Article


UKM bangi


A large number of standards are available for environment protection and individual monitoring purposes. They are published by various organisations, international and national. Moreover, the increasing policy of ‘Quality’ applied to individual monitoring requires the implementation of standards on environmental management both in technical and management aspects of a power supply service. Harmonisation as applied to power supply company does not mean that they should all follow exactly the same procedures, but that they should aim to meet the same general requirements, and their results should be comparable. This research aims to determine main factors influencing implementation of ISO 14001 series in a comparative and criticising scope and complementariness of the standards to each other. In addition to evaluate relationship of influencing factors for implementing ISO 14001. Although most of the text applies to the monitoring of internal and external factors effecting the implementation of ISO 14001. Accreditation and approval of environmental management will be of relevance in the process of harmonisation of individual monitoring within the ISO 14001. In this work, data collection has done by survey method. Information about client and personnel traffic has done by library documents and evidences review, and data regarding to study hypothesises 3, 4, 5 has collected by survey method.


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